For Window Repair, Boise Has Professionals to Do the Job Right

Have you ever stopped to consider how many moving parts a window contains? What happens if one of them breaks down? Suddenly, your normally well-working window no longer closes tightly against the cold Idaho winter. Or, you unlock a window to let in the summer breezes and all at once you find a handle lying in your palm. Now what do you do? Sometimes, a homeowner can replace a small part easily enough, yet at other times there is no hope of even finding the problem without some working knowledge of windows. Boise has people who will take care of it so you can get back to your day job.

If you are one of those people who seem to be able to fix most anything that breaks, you will love the following information. If, however, you are someone who has no clue how things work, this article will help you appreciate your repairman even more than you did before. At the same time, you can make a more informed repair decsion because you know the difference between a lock and a keeper.

Here are some of the parts you will find in Boise’s windows:

  • Locks & Keepers – This part of a window is two parts; the lock, which wraps around the keeper; and the keeper, which literally keeps the lock closed. This type of lock is often found on old wooden windows with wavy glass panes, which tells a person how long this system has been working.
  • Roller Assemblies – These little parts are hidden at the bottom of your sliding glass door or window and allow a small wheel to glide along the track. Amazingly, there are many different types of wheels and their housing, and if you are not experienced at repairing them, you will have a scraping window instead of a rolling one.
  • Pulls, Handles & Strikes – Pulls are most generally dipped into the door; handles stick out from the surface and a person can grab onto them; and strikes are the plate that gives the lock a place in which to fasten.
  • Tilt & Turn Handles – This type of handle hold the door in a latched position until lifted or turned, at which time the catch releases and the door swings on its hinges. Some of them will close automatically when the door hits the casing, whereas others must be manually turned or lifted again.
  • Pivot Bars & Gears – These parts are for double-hung doors. The accessories include the locks at the top, bars to hold it all in place, and bar housings to keep the doors stable and in good working order.

Knowledge of the various parts, doors and hinges, paired with a working understanding of construction is vital to window repair in Boise or any other place you may live. For properly working windows and doors, make sure to find a professional who knows the business and get back to enjoying your home.