Windows of Boise – More than Just a Pane

Boise windows are as varied as Boise residents. There are many types, need fixing sometimes, and require upkeep. Home and business owners can enjoy their windows in greater ways by knowing their options, as well as their choices of professional maintenance.

Types of Windows

There are many types of windows in Boise, but the best ones are clean, sparkling, and well-working ones. Some of them even include modern features while retaining the ambiance of yesteryear. For example, many people love the look of small panes in a large window. For this, manufacturers have inset grids inside of two panes which are easy to clean, yet still look vintage.

  • Wood windows (Boise residents love natural or painted finishes) – these require a good finish and maintenance.
  • Vinyl-clad wood – these are covered on the exterior side to repel weather
  • Aluminum-clad – these are the same as the vinyl-encased, except with aluminum. Both can be painted inside.
  • All vinyl – these are low maintenance, very sturdy and classy windows. They won’t corrode, as aluminum can do in coastal or high humidity areas.
  • Fiberglass – these are stronger than vinyl and are most durable. They can also be painted.

Replace or Repair?

Some windows can be repaired, while others simply must be replaced. Look for the following signs in your home windows:

  • Water leakage – old windows often leak around the edges, allowing unwanted moisture to ruin the window sills. If this is the case in your home, you will want to replace the outdated windows with modern moisture-barrier type windows. Check also for condensation that seeps through such frames as aluminum. These windows are not energy efficient and can cost more in energy loss than you want to pay over time.
  • Mold and mildew – this problem can lead to allergic reactions in children, adults and even animals. If your family experiences coughing and breathing problems, check the windows. Many older wooden or aluminum windows are filled with mold. If more than one window appears to have blackened caulking, call the experts such as those at Right Now Heating & Air Conditioning for a professional diagnosis.
  • Peeling paint & cracked wooden frames – often these types of issues can be resolved with a good caulking gun and a coat of enamel paint. If your windows appear sound, yet just a little worse for wear, there may be hope of saving them for a few more years of enjoyment. This will be especially helpful if you are trying to maintain the originality of one of Idaho’s older homes.

The Right Company for the Job

For great service, professional installation, and quality workmanship, you can call the friendly, competent folks at Right Now Windows in Boise. Not only do they repair windows, this Treasure Valley company offers window replacement and new installation. You will appreciate their attention to detail and professional, friendly staff. Ask them what it costs for them to curse on the job.